• We strive to be Creative and Innovative
  • We believe in Teamwork and Learning
  • We remain Netural and Impartial
  • We work for Academic and Professional credibility
  • We endeavor delivering results Efficiently and Effectively

What We Do?

Research & Survey

We conduct research and surveys on key social, educational, political and health issues.

Event Management

We do event management, which include event organizers and facilitators, as well as logistic and administration.

Organization Development

We provide organizational development through training programs and policy development services, as well as need-based customized trainings, coaching and mentoring.

Business Establishment

We offer an incubator facility for youths who wish to establish businesses, doing networking, marketing and managing their business.

Manpower Services

We supply manpower services primarily focusing on recruitment and service provisions, offering a wide range of professions including consultants, technical staff and talent youths.

Our Vision

  • To be one of the best companies in the region to support other companies by providing their clients with advanced practical training, and training and marketing solutions.

  • To be the first choice of governmental institutions and ministries to train their employees in the field of social relations, and offer conflict-resolution training specifically adapted to solve problems in their distinctive fields.

  • A change in the negative to positive thinking in the minds of young people is one of our tasks, according to a new scientific approach in SOCO.

Our Goals


We have an extensive network of private sector actors, including companies and civic organizations and consulting agencies in Erbil, Duhok and Ninawa governorate that constitute of:

Latest Activities

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